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Having a Roman Holiday at BEAUTYCALYPSE

Dearly Beloved,

I am having a Roman Holiday over on BEAUTYCALYPSE this week — loads of fun.  On her lifestyle quest this week, I share some insights about Roman food and wine culture shifts. If you know Nath from BEAUTYCALYPSE, you will know why it is a delight to bash out some fun topics together.

Nath has evolved as the female hero of the rogue class — that is she’s bee there, done that, that (and yes) even that. She’s in our world, a lady of the evolving consciousness who is roaming the toxic wasteland of our industrialised food and beauty world looking for what is clean and what is real in health. A little geeky, a little cultural and a lot of REAL. You’ll know why I wanted to share my latest Roman tips with her.

My memory of Roman food and wine was somehow always sketchy and this recent trip to suckle on the wolverine’s gastronomic teats showed me why. Finally, the wine was matching the regional pride of the food. And not only did I see it on the wine lists in restaurants, but spotted entire shops dedicated to the few km radius of what grows within a stone’s throw of Caesar’s rubble.

The choice seemed broader, within a more limited geography. And I loved it.
I think, I finally tasted Rome.

Find out how and where here at BEAUTYCALYPSE

BLYSSfully yours,

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Why we love to bump & grind

I would beat it. And bash it. And pound it. And jump on it. Early stages of creating an amazing smooth chocolate feeling was like finding the proverbial needle in the chocolate haystack, and something that took me, not a food scientist or curve analysis guru a VERY long time to figure out.

You see, the size of the particles in chocolate, affect the taste as much as the texture of chocolate. My early examples of chocolate were like ‘sand’ as my friends would write on feedback forms I would give them when delivering samples of my ‘test BLYSS funny low temperature chocolate’ back in 2008.  ‘Ja Lyss, die Konzept ist Gut, aber… es ist wie sand.’

I wondered if that was a showstopper. Were we expecting too smooth of a particle from chocolate because that is what we were accustomed to from Big Chocolate, or did it REALLY affect the ability to taste and enjoy the full sensation from theobroma cacao fruits?

That question took me 2 years to answer.

And my answer is.


BLYSS 100% untempered

The size of the particle actually influences the ability to experience a variety of the nuances of cacao, the taste, texture and liquid chocolate flow are all influenced by the particle size. And subsequently, this is the terror of the existence of anyone involved in raw chocolate, to get the particle to the right size, without compromising it with too much heat.

There is a science around chocolate, where we decide how big we want the chocolate participle size, and where we want them placed in a formation – to optimise the most delicious and glorious chocolate effect. That AHA effect that you only get when you put chocolate in your mouth and it melts around your tongue, and takes over every sense you have from smell and taste, to sound and touch in one mouthful. I think, it even touches the love sense, which is why the mastering of this unique thing called particle size, is essential to understand in chocolate connoisseurship.

I will do my best to explain this concept and publish it at the end of this week, taking my notes on the road as I traverse Europe, yet again, and take precious moments to write up my experiences with and about chocolate particle size, what it means to #rawchocolate and my beloved BLYSS, and to Big Chocolate and what we should know and expect from it in the future.

BLYSSfully Yours,





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Cute Alert: Bert n BLYSS


Customer Spotlight 

Little Bert Appleby climbed into his mother’s kitchen in England and baked up a storm! He and his little brother are lactose intolerant so they love making their own chocolate with our 70% chocolate drops andcacao powder, and mum has no worries about their health in the future.

‚Thank you so much for your amazing cacao we all were all fighting over the chocolate covered berries. You have 4 new customers!!!
What an amazing journey you have/are on and wish you every success.’



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1200 will lose their homes in the Amazon, this month

Dearly Beloved,
The Ecuadorian government is in the process of auctioning off all the country’s remaining virgin rainforest, 8 million acres, to oil companies. Indigenous communities who live in the region are resisting the advance of oil companies into their ancestral lands.

 The Sarayaku community of 1200 people living on the banks of the Bobonaza River is at the forefront of this resistance.

This year we fund a StoryTeller who, will remain for security and their own safety reasons anonymous. They are known as the Chakarna Chronicles and produce interviews with people involved with the fight against oil. This is the first video, and thanks to it is available with German and English subtitles. The goal is not to sensationalise-over hype, just give direct From-The-People statements and information to decision makers at the WEF and UN to make better standards and influence about land grabbing, environment and people. Chakarna Chronicles met with their Vice-President Tupak Viteri Gualinga to discuss the threat his community faces from oil exploitation and how they are resisting.

See the interview here:

Chakarna Chronicles Interview


For those of you who have been following our mobilisation & vocalisation project has been renamed to BLYSSfully Yours which is where we will bundle all our social and agroecology projects outside the cacao farms. It ranges from the laptop with LABDOO.ORG and recycled bike collection with Fahrrad XXL MARCKS and other film and event elements that feed into our project to support evolved action and decision making with regards to originally communities, native land and the rush to industrialisation.

We are happy to welcome a new partner this month, with SONNTAGMORGEN.COM a gorgeous coffee company and MySTID laptop and business bags who give people a 30% discount from their online orders when you:
- Donate and collect recycled bikes – thanks to Fahrrad XXL Hamburg (still seeking more)
- Donate recycled laptops – as we are the Munich hub for

Of course we are looking for more companies to join our effort, you can start, by offering a goodie/discount that we can offer the people who participate in this program!

For now, you can see the evolution over a series of social media channels, all the BLYSS ones, and we will have a website up for this program in the next weeks.

BLYSSfully yours,

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My homage to fromage in Rome

Dearly Beloved,

LOCALSPOTTER just published my homage to fromage – which is the story of falling in love with cheese in Rome and the reason behind my BLYSS chocolate box – How to pair CHOCOLATE with CHEESE.

An excerpt:

It wasn’t until I went to Rome for work, on numerous occasions and the colleagues kept taking me out and talking ohhh the cheese shop miss lyss, you will look dis, y dis y dis. And then I met Roberto. Roberto ran a small cheese store in the old town and my heels teetered almost over every time I went to visit him. I started a little education with him, visiting him every time I was in Rome.  In the beginning, to be honest, it was because it was next to a hot shoe store that I liked to go swoon over.

And then over time, I would visit him and Roberto became the real attraction of the old centre of Rome for me. I would take home packages wrapped up in parchment paper to try with my friends on weekends.  I felt like the little sourcer’s apprentice.

Check it out on LOCALSPOTTER. And get yourself a 10% discount on my chocolate to pair with cheese! And I will also send you our pairing with cheese guide. :-)  (who loves you babeh?!)

BLYSSfully Yours,



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Where should my chocolate live?

Dearly Beloved,

Do you put chocolate in the refrigerator or in the cupboard?


Chocolate is more sensitive than your most moody of friends. She doesn’t like light, humidity or heat. Just like the attention you have to give to your favourite wines, and olive oils; you need to take care of your chocolate.
Chocolate takes on the aromas of what it is close to, and will literally absorb the scent of what you place next to it like a sponge (so don’t store it under your armpits!).
You want to keep it in sealed packaging, in a dark and cool place.
The most ideal storage for your chocolate is 17-19 degrees centigrade (59-64 Fahrenheit) with a humidity level of less than 50%. THAT IS NOT THE REFRIGERATOR. IT IS THE CUPBOARD.
You will know when your chocolate is unhappy because she will ‘bloom’, and that’s a bad sign. Blooming occurs when chocolate is stored or served incorrectly.
There are two types of blooming:

  1. A fat blooming which is caused by temperatures exceeding, or fluctuating to-from 24 degrees centigrade. (don’t leave it in the sun!) You will know if this occurred by when you open your chocolate and rub the surface , the bloom disappears. You can either get rid of this completely be re-tempering the chocolate.
  2. A sugar blooming occurs when temperatures go below 15 degrees or too much humidity (don’t put it in the fridge!) When you put it in the fridge, the chocolate will actually absorb the moisture (and aroma) of your fridge and cause the fat and sugar crystals to rise to the surface. And if you take it from inside a fridge to the outside, on a warm day, you will get an oily film.

Although all of this looks very yukky, in fact the chocolate is still completely edible. You just moved the crystals around (which we worked very hard to put in the correct order via a funky tempering technique).

Like all foods, ‘if in doubt, throw it out’. Your health is the most important.

BLYSSfully yours,
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A little bit about our cacao butter

Terroir: La Tolita
Vintage: Wet Season 1, 2014.

cocao butter

Cacao Butter

Microbatch BLT14369
Pure ingredients: cacao butter.
You want this cacao butter if you don’t like reaching the burn point with your cooking. Given that cacao butter doesn’t burn until 230 degrees centigrade you’re happy to explore new cooking techniques and ways with this fabulously versatile cooking butter. You’ll spread it over a pan and quick fry fish, grate it and pour with cold water over fresh vegetables for an evenly coated stir fry in the wok. Light floral  nuances, totally devoid of nutty nuances that you typically associate with the arriba nacionale. You have the light, almost jasmine aroma with a sensual warm butter type flavour. Great for baking when grated/crushed) as an alternative to olive oil, and as a pan greaser for pancakes. Given it is naturally “sweet” you’ll find you can use less sugar in your pancakes or baking because it gives a sweet flavour profile (as opposed to olive or sunflower oils or dairy butter). For those who like a sexy massage, you’ll take a few shavings in your hand, let them warm to a soft oil and rub your partner’s back or feet. You can even get a little sexy and lick it off ;-) Warming a small pot over the stove you can put it into your hair for a natural hair moisturizer before shampooing, just like the ladies who work on plantation do.
Originally the first ingredient in sunscreen because of its’ natural UV protection, cacao butter is probably the most underestimated and utilized product in the kitchen these days.

Raw, vegan, kosher, halal, organic.

BLYSS gmbH is a third generation social enterprise. Crafted at source, by hand in Ecuador. May contain trace amounts of tree nuts.

Purchase at