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Design thinking

This picture well describes our process at BLYSS, and pretty well covers what we did for the last years. Constantly learning, trying and sharing. From the forest to our own forks. Lyss calls it a mission, to influence agroecology and food sovereignity. Others call it ‘chocolate’. Either way, we love your support and appreciate all the feedback so we can keep on working on how we better deliver great service and chocolate to you, while supporting a eco system of people, trees, monkeys, schools and friends.

An irish lassie for a day – Meet The Chocolate Makers

Meet The Makers is a great series from Keith Bohanna in Kilkenny, Ireland, which brings together independent artisan food producers together with local foodies and Slow Food Ireland. Coming up is an event with Meet The Chocolate Makers and Lyss is delighted to be part of the event. Sign up here:  http://biabeag.com/2014/08/02/meet-2-chocolatiers-and-1-chocolate-maker-on-8th-november/

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Network to net give

Totally overwhelmed by invites to come to network events and unsure which ones to accept? We get that a lot, and Lyss wrote an article explaining how she manages the ‘networking’ concept, and it doesn’t involve slimy business card exchanges. Read more on The Next Women: http://www.thenextwomen.com/2014/08/22/network-net-give

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Climate change impact on food

We already see 3 degrees change on the plantations we work in. Check out the future. Looks bleak unless we take action? For you right now, look at where the energy for your laptop or phone is coming from, see if you can get green energy. See if you can recycle your laptop (e.g. we will! As part of our labdoo commitment). See if you’re wearing clothing that was unsustainably made – yes, that means looking at your cotton source because cotton farms are some big killers of natural resources! Just within 1 metre of you, there are things that you can take control of ensuring they are good choices. It’s not about hugging trees and growing armpit hair and evangelising veganism, it means just looking within our immediate space for the best choices we can make for earth.Climate change impact on food

Donut Economics

This has been called donut economics, and we love it. When you look at the circle, what were the first words that jumped out at you? If you see our Bean2Belly promise on our website, you will see how we do our best to also balance out these values. Remember, ask better questions of your fave companies. Being ‘aware’ isn’t just reducing energy and water, it is a whole lot broader. donut economics


Virtual Leader Conference 2014

Also in news this week, I was delighted to be interviewed for the Virtual Leaders Conference 2014. Katy Caroan interviewed me for my contribution to the conference about How To Be A Changemaker. We went through my 4 mindset shifts, the 5 things we think are emotions, but are really thinking patterns and the 10 characteristics of a change maker. For anyone who has the deep burning in their heart to lead a change, and figure out how to TURN THAT ON inside themselves. It draws on all my stories, and we show lots of videos of what this looked like along my little journey too. SIGN UP HERE: http://vlc14.katycaroan.com

an open love letter to chocolate.


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